Ankur Manchanda

CEO and Co-Founder

Ankur has had a long career in management and finance, and is now successfully leading his own venture. He is the founder and strategist behind GreenThumbs. His biggest passion is driving efficiency through innovation. Most of the cutting edge products and unique business concepts developed by GreenThumbs are his brainchild.

By education, Ankur is a Chartered Accountant and has worked with KPMG and EY, advising some of the largest global companies. The continued growth and success of GT bears testimony to his zeal, strong business acumen and outstanding leadership abilities.

His fields of experience span from hard core Finance/Tax to HR disciplines like Talent Acquisition, Assessment & Development. Beyond his talent for solving immediate problems fast, he masterminds company reinventions across the entire spectrum of business. This unrelenting focus on efficiency and innovation has made GreenThumbs a fast-growing business in a highly competitive industry, in a short span of time. Ankur extends his leadership acuity to his community as well, and has a true passion for training endeavors benefitting youth and children.

We are now 30,000 + on Greenthumbs 25000 + users on Linkedin