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Employee Engagement Survey
GreenThumbs is one of the top employee engagement survey companies in India, providing one of the best employee engagement survey platforms with a user friendly interface, industry relevant metrics & indepth reporting. Its 100% confidential!

Employee Engagement goes beyond Employee satisfaction. It's the emotional commitment employees have towards their organizations and its goals. Employee Engagement has a direct impact on employee performance and company's profitability. GreenThumbs runs Employee Engagement Surveys for organizations. As a top employee engagement survey company in India, we provide dedicated, full service support that helps organisations identify & address the pain areas and increase employee engagement at work.

Why choose Psyft Employee Engagement Survey (EES)?

  • Mobile Responsive design (can be taken on mobile devices).
  • 100% anonymity and confidentiality maintained.
  • Fully Customize-able survey forms.
  • In-depth analysis and advanced reporting.
  • Full-service support by assessment team.
  • Follow up consulting and training to create change.
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Some quick Facts:
  • A disengaged employee costs an organization approximately $3,400 for every $10,000 in annual salary.
  • Companies that focus on employee engagement at their workplace perform nearly 20% better in Sales and 10% better in Customer Relations.
  • Companies with high engagement levels, witness a 17% increase in productivity.
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