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GreenThumbs - Employee Engagement
Why Greenthumbs?

A World Class Employee Engagement Software

We help you collect data, but we don’t just stop there. We also help you make sense of your data and provide all the support you require to turn it into meaningful action.
Our team of psychologists, data scientists and human resources experts are dedicated to creating the best tools and platform to help you reach your employee engagement goals.
You get a 100% anonymous, secure, feature-rich dashboard with stellar reports and unmatched support. Don’t take it from us, hear what our customers have to say.


Feedback at Scale
One easy-to-use step

  • View Results in Real Time
  • Track Participation
  • Expert approved questionnaire templates
  • Pre-built survey communication templates
  • Fully customizable questionnaire and reports
  • White Labelling

individual report

individual report


Powerful Insights to take
you from Data to Action

  • Slice and dice your data by age, gender, department, location and more
  • Heat maps capturing comparative interplay between survey dimensions & demographic variables.
  • Manager Scorecard
  • Crisp and attractive infographics that capture the survey highlights


Listening, Tracking, Improving

  • Sentiment Analysis - Spot themes and trends in open text feedback
  • Trend Analysis – Track and analyze your employee engagement levels year-on-year or for every survey cycle
  • Benchmarking Analysis - evaluate where your organization stands in comparison to industry standards.

Trend Analysis

GreenThumbs - Employee Engagement

Sentiment Analysis

GreenThumbs - Employee Engagement

Benchmark Analysis

GreenThumbs - Employee Engagement

individual report


Discover the strength of
your employer brand

  • Simple, uncomplicated measure of employee loyalty.
  • Analysis based on answers to one simple question.
  • Excellent tool for carrying out benchmark analysis vis-a-vis industry peers.
  • Offers a consistent platform for YoY trend analysis.


Make Informed People Decision

  • Turn your employee survey results into practical, doable steps.
  • Research backed suggestions for meaningful improvement.
  • Follow up reminders and progress monitoring to keep you on track.

individual report

Employee Engagement Survey + 360 Degree Feedback

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Why do an Employee Engagement Survey?

  • Visibility into the health of your organization.
  • Insight to see what matters.
  • Guidance to take effective action.

Run an International Standard Employee Engagement Survey

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