Employee Exit Survey

Making your Exit Surveys Count


Employee Exit Surveys

Employee Exit Surveys are an excellent opportunity to understand the reasons for an employee’s departure from the company. These surveys probe to discover the departing employee’s feelings about their role, their relationship with managers, etc and what the company could have done better to improve their working experience. Run your exit survey today and reduce the possibility of employee turnover, increase your employee engagement, and keep the most talented people on board.

Why Psyft Exit Survey ?


Multilingual Survey

We provide support for over 100 languages, both Indian & foreign languages.

Fully Mobile Responsive Design

Psyft survey can be completed on smart phone.

Custom Designed Survey

We’ll customize the survey forms as per your requirements.


Action Planning

We’ll draft an action plan, indicating interventions that can be implemented post the exercise.

Anonymous Data Collection

psyft provides your employees that much needed cloak if anonymity.


Parameters Covered

Psyft brings to you thoughtful exit survey questions that identify

the key drivers that are draining your talent pool and making your people leave.



Job Overall


Organization Culture

Training & Development

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Leaving employees can also be asked if they would recommend the organization as a place of work


• It's Simple and Easy
• It helps capture the employee vibe
• It useful for benchmarking Analysis

If your people are leaving, figuring out why is crucial!