Bridging the gap between self-perception and others’ impressions


The 360 degree or Multi-rater feedback remains one of the best ways to increase employee self-awareness, especially among managers. The subject gets invaluable insights into how they are perceived by others in their team / organization. They also get to compare the feedback with their own self-perception. Usually this leads to identification of blind spots and specific areas for improvement for the individual being rated. But how do they make sense of this information?

While 360 reviews give individuals a starting point for their development journey, many of the takeaways remain superficial due to a lack of context. Sure, the problem areas are identified and it is also understood if the problem is limited to particular situations or sets of people. But what people often don’t understand is how and why these problems have arisen. Without this critical piece of information, it is difficult for the individual to embark on making any meaningful changes.

The key, actually, lies in personality.


An employee’s personality has a huge impact in the workplace, more so if he/ she is a manager. From everyday interactions, to setting deadlines, to giving and receiving performance feedback, to handling pressure – everything is driven by personality. Personality is even a key determinant of how someone will receive feedback.

An in-depth personality assessment helps discover an individual’s natural / default behavioural styles and innate motivational drivers – why do they behave the way do. The more insight you have into how you operate, the easier it is to determine what your best and not-so-great traits are – information that can be useful both personally and professionally. The results can also be used for self-reflection and for learning how to better interact with others in a team or work group.


Combining a 360-degree feedback with the Psyft Personality Assessment connects the dots between behavioural pain points and why an employee has these issues. It provides a more holistic approach to improving self-awareness and, thereby, performance.

360 Degree Feedback

The program begins with a 360 degree assessment of the subject. This will help them understand their strengths, blind spots and areas for improvement. This will also help identify if any particular groups of co-workers feel more strongly than others regarding the various competencies measured. The participant can understand which of his/her competencies need the most improvement and with which set of co-workers.

Psyft Personality Assessment

In the second part of the program, the subject completes the Psyft Personality Assessment (PPA). It helps them understand how their personality and behavioral traits are spread and how these combine to result in competency development. Armed with this information an individual will be much better placed to make efforts towards fundamental personality development.

Individual De-brief and Coaching Session

In the final leg of the program, our experts will help combine 360 feedback results with PPA results for high impact action / development planning. A debrief session will help understand how the two must be read in conjunction. The session will also include elements of coaching to help them decide how they should structure and time the self-development efforts to maximize the impact.

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