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Personality Assessment + 360 Degree Feedback to develop strategic self-awareness among key team members.

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In choosing a talent assessment tool,
sometimes the best game plan is to have more than one.

A person is like an iceberg – their behaviour and competencies are the observables, above the water line. But most of the iceberg is below the waterline — that’s where we find their driving characteristics, motivations and values which are harder to see and develop.

Personality assessment is a great starting point to introspection and an objective evaluation of a person’s natural tendencies and work style. The Psyft Personality Assessment (PPA) is often an individual’s first opportunity to truly consider their impact on others from an behavioural perspective.

A 360-degree assessment allows subjects to understand how others e.g. their managers, peers, direct reports, and other key stakeholders, view them. In other words, they get accurate feedback on what’s above the waterline. Whereas, a personality assessment helps a subject on a person’s intrinsic and stable characteristics – the stuff below the waterline.

Combining the two tools can provide robust “whole-person” feedback, so subjects can gain a deeper understanding of how their inner wiring is manifesting in their actions, how some of their reflexes may be harming their success, and how to mould their natural tendencies for better outcomes.


  • Resilience
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Innovation


  • Openness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Emotional Sensitivity
  • Agreeableness
  • Extraversion

Benefits of Combining 360-Degree
Assessments with Personality Assessments

  1. Expert Designed Surveys
    Focused Action Planning
    Both the personality assessment and the 360 feedback can throw up a variety of insights. While there may be lots to do, there’s only so much time. Using both the tools together can bring the most urgent/impactful action areas into sharp focus.
  2. Complete Branding
    Better buy-in from the subjects
    It can be profoundly transformative to uncover specific personality characteristics and values that a person thinks should be obvious but that may not be showing up in the 360 feedback. Such differences in viewpoints offer a compelling agenda that makes the subjects more invested in the development journey.
  3. Full Customer Support
    Competency mapping between the assessments
    Perhaps the biggest advantage of using both the tools in conjunction is the possibility of mapping the same competencies on both 360-degree feedback as well as personality traits. The common competency framework allows the subjects as well as coaches to easily identify the areas that require maximum work.
  4. Complete Branding
    Feedback and Personality
    The 360 degree feedback captures the ‘what’ (behaviour) needs to improve and the personality assessment explains the ‘why’ (inner wiring).
  5. Complete Branding
    Validating Self-Perceptions
    Self-perceptions meets real world validation. When using personality assessment with 360 degree feedback we can immediately see whether or not traits and tendencies are mirrored by observer ratings. Thus moderating any potential bias in personal reflection and resulting in more accurate self-awareness.
  6. Complete Branding
    Ensuring Coaching Success
    A combined assessment approach ensures organizations and leaders receive a strong return on the coaching investment and are able to build sustainable behavioural change. A repeat 360 feedback can confirm the success of the journey.


"Give me a manager’s personality assessment and their 360 degree feedback results and they have no place to hide." Peter Berry, The CEO Checklist, 2016


Applications of the
Psyft 360 + PPA Bundle include

  • Leadership development
  • Career development
  • Talent identification and development
  • Succession planning
  • Team building
  • Organisational/cohort analysis
  • Change Management
  • Talent benchmarking
  • Training needs analysis
Applications of the Psyft 360 + PPA Bundle include

For more information about how to combine 360 Degree Feedback and Personality Assessment.