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Employee Net Promoter Score


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What is Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)?

• "one" number you need to grow.
• Used to measure Employee Loyalty.
• Only "One" question asked.
• Quick, Easy & Simple measure of Employee Engagement.

Employees are asked one simple question

"On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this organization as a good place to work"?

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Why is Employee Net Promoter Score important?

Employees today are highly competitive, and there’s an increased focus on employee satisfaction and engagement. All this makes the eNPS score a vital parameter for companies-

Quick & Simple
Its relevance lies in the fact of how simple it is, which makes the participation rate incredibly high.
Easy to measure
Measure employee loyalty in one step.
Regular Evaluation
Can be conducted at regular intervals to evaluate the progress of various employee engagement measures.

Rapid feedback system
eNPS feedback is direct and real-time.
Not a polar questions
It also does not suffer from limitations of a polar question.
Apt for benchmark Analysis
Excellent tool for carrying out benchmark analysis vis-a-vis industry peers.

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eNPS and Benchmarking

It’s important to know how your company’s reputation as an employer is perceived in the industry That's where benchmarking analysis comes into play. Organizations often do not realize their talent problems till they track talent metrics and compare them internally and with their industry peers. Benchmarking could be within the organisation, industry, a specific geography or against direct and indirect competitors.

Internal Benchmarking – How an organisation fares within its units, levels, departments, etc. eNPS calculation on regular basis allows you to make a comparison with previous years’ results from within your organisation. This helps highlight whether the scores have improved or declined, following actions taken, highlighting the high and low performing areas are.

External Benchmarking - This is where a comparison between different organisations comes in. External comparisons provide great context and give you an additional layer of insight into the strengths of your own results. An analysis of how your business compares to others in your industry gets a clearer idea of where you fall short and what you can do better. In order to make your business better, it's vital to have specific measurements that can be turned into tangible goals.

Why use eNPS for Benchmarking?

eNPS is a widely accepted measurement method for benchmarking analysis. It's a crucial tool for understanding how well your business works now and where is the room for improvement.

eNPS Benchmarking

  • Allows you to plan your game better.
  • Offers a consistent platform for comparative analysis.
  • Gets a competitive edge to organisations. Companies with scores higher than their competitors grow faster and are more successful.
Companies should know where they stand in comparison to their competitors, and eNPS benchmarking allows for this to happen. eNPS benchmarking enables companies to carry out an apples-to-apples comparison that provides useful insights.
The ultimate goal is to establish a truly engaged and empowered workforce. The employee net promoter score is a great way to find out if your employees genuinely like the company they work for, which at the end of the day is a vital metric.

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Learn to Get Higher Employee Satisfaction with eNPS

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