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Who are the stakeholders involved in a 360 degree feedback survey?
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As the name suggests, a 360 degree feedback survey is a full circle review providing thorough and constructive feedback from different sources. The primary reason to run the 360 degree review is to provide companies with information about employee performance from multiple perspectives. The data derived from this process is meant to serve as a foundation for employee development and organizational benefit.

A 360 degree assessment involves the following stakeholders -

  • Direct Reports/Subordinates
  • Managers/Supervisors
  • Peers/Colleagues
  • Externals (Clients, customers, vendors, etc.)
  • Self
Direct Reports: Individuals whose position at work is directly below that of the person being evaluated, and who is managed by this person.
Manager / Supervisor: A group of respondents in the first-line management who monitor and regulate the person being evaluated and other employees in their performance of assigned or delegated tasks.
Peer/Colleague: Group of individuals who are fellow workers in the profession working in the same organization or department as the person being evaluated.
External: External group of respondents refers to individuals outside the organization who have some relationship with the person being evaluated. For e.g. an ex-employee, or client , etc.
Self: This refers to the individual being surveyed (often called subjects) i.e the individual for whom feedback is being collected.

Quick Tip - As far as possible, no category of stakeholders should be left unrepresented while running a 360 degree feedback.

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