The best LitmusWorld Alternative to conducting surveys

Quick, mobile friendly, multilingual surveys that are also priced right.

What makes us better?

Cost Effective

We understand every businesses, it's growth trajectory and its challenges. We'll help you find the perfect survey solution that also meets your budget. Get LitmusWorld similar features and more, for less.

Enterprise Support

You'll have a dedicated team of subject matter experts, to assist you through the entire exercise and look after your specific requirements. A survey tool that's ideally designed for enterprises.


Intuitive Infographics

A crisp snapshot of your survey trends & results that

you can share with your people.

Multilingual Surveys

We provide support for over 100 written languages, including both Indian & foreign languages. Make your surveys more diverse and inclusive.

Action Planning

Running surveys doesn't stop at collecting feedback, neither do we. We assist organisations in acting on feedback! Our team helps organisations draft development plans, action plans, etc. setting out what interventions can be implemented in order to bring about change.

Bridge the gap between perception & performance with this LitmusWorld like, but better survey tool.

Research based employee engagement questions

Why Choose this LitmusWorld competitor

as your survey partner?

  • To plan smart & targeted surveys, based on your requirement.
  • To run cost effective surveys.
  • To gather meaningful insights and get the most out of your survey.
  • To walk the talk - Don't just gain insights but also build relevant action plans.
  • To bring about actual change.

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