360 Degree Feedback FAQs

How to nominate raters for a 360 degree appraisal?

The following criteria should be considered while nominating raters for 360 degree appraisal :

1. Choose raters based on the working relationship they have with the subject. It is important that the raters are people     who know the subject well and have sufficient experience working together. In other words, a rater's feedback will be      real and meaningful only when they have been in a position to observe the subject closely, over a period of time.

2. For a fair and unbiased feedback exercise we strongly recommend that a diverse cross-section of raters is selected.    Raters who have had a range of experiences with the subject i.e., good and not so good, various projects. Such a     selection will provide a more balanced and complete "picture" of strengths and developments areas for the subject.

3. For a true 360 degree appraisal, raters from all these categories must find representation: Self, Superior, Peers,     Direct Reports, Internal Customers and External Customers.

4. The number of raters selected should be enough to ensure truly comprehensive feedback. We recommend 5 - 15      raters in all, covering all categories discussed above.

5. Ideally, it is best to confirm the rater selection with the subject him/herself as well as their immediate manager.

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