Covid 19 Pulse Survey

The Corona virus pandemic is rapidly changing all aspects of our life, especially the way we work. Organisations across the globe are trying their best to cope with these unprecedented times.

We are here to help organisations in this challenge, by helping them keep a finger on the pulse of their people. GreenThumbs is offering this service free

GreenThumbs COVID 19 Pulse Survey will help you understand if your employees are feeling okay in these testing times and if they have what they need to perform their work as best as possible.


COVID 19 Pulse Survey will help

Assess Employee Morale

Quickly assess employee morale and well-being.

Motivate & Engage

Know what can you do better to keep them motivated & engaged all through.

Make Contingency Plans

Be better at making contingency plans to manage crises/emergencies that might arise.

Prioritize Action

Identify what response actions need to be prioritized.


Covid 19 Pulse Survey

• 5 Minute Survey
• Quick Set-up & Roll Out
• No Installations Required
• Real Time Scores and Responses
• No Cost Involved

Understand how your employees are faring during the coronavirus pandemic.