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Talent Search

No more wasting time on the wrong people

Our consultants start by getting to know your company and identifying your pain points in terms of recruiting. We ask questions, lots of them, so we can figure out which of our solutions you need. They will then design a unique strategy that aligns with your business goals and adds the right people to your team.

Contingent Search

If yours is a mature or growing business, your recruiting team is probably already overwhelmed, with little time to actually source applicants. Your applicant tracking system is being bombarded with unqualified applicants and you're wasting resources filtering through them to find one or two possible candidates. Adding to their workload, your team is trying to keep up with administrative tasks like writing job descriptions, interviewing, updating ATS workflow, scheduling, checking references, handling transfers and other duties. Meanwhile, positions needing highly skilled candidates to achieve your company goals are going unfilled. Sometimes you just need to call on someone else to do the searching for you. That's where we come in.

There is a way to better utilize your team to find the most qualified candidates quickly without sacrificing time and resources. GreenThumbs can take the stress of sourcing out of the picture and give you the freedom to focus only on the right people. Our team is highly trained on the latest sourcing methods and tools. When we begin a search, we follow a proven process to get to know you and the type of people you want to add to your team. Once we gather this information, we cast a very wide net over associations, organizations, networking, referrals, job boards, internal resources, niche sites and other resources to find qualified candidates. We'll partner with your hiring team and use the following process to find candidates who will fit into your culture and help you achieve your goals.

Retained Search

In the course of running or growing a business, there will be occasions that call for a longer term recruiting partnership. You may have an urgent need or you might have to fill a high level role that calls for confidentiality. In either case, a retained search has a lot of advantages.

  • A dedicated recruiting team - We put your search at the top of our priority list.
  • Greater accuracy - When we're not competing with other agencies on speed, we can focus more on finding and delivering the best candidates. Our retained search success rate is 100%. You really can't beat that.
  • A true partnership - We keep everything transparent and update you on a regular basis on our searchprogress.

Our Process

  • Step 1 Research and discovery discussions with client
  • Step 2 Creating a detailed "target candidate profile"
  • Step 3 Long listing desirable candidates
  • Step 4 Qualifying the candidates
  • Step 5 Interviewing and closing

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