Organization Culture Survey

Boosting your organization’s culture can directly improve your bottom line!

What is Organisation Culture Survey?

Why feedback on managers is so important

Organizational culture refers to the underlying values, attitudes, behavior system and goals that lay a foundation of an organization, its management, its business practices, its products and services, etc. It’s an invisible yet powerful force that drives the thoughts, decisions, actions and performance of employees.

The Organization Culture Survey provides a comprehensive analysis on a company’s current culture dynamics and helps measure how well do an organization’s practices align with its value system. The survey serves as a catalyst to identify areas of strengths and concerns for an organization and initiate plans to bring about change.

Why Organization Culture Matters ?

The law of the culture often outweighs any other law. In many organizations, it may be the strongest message of all.

  • • It defines your company's internal and external identity.
  • • It can either boost or hinder Employee Engagement.
  • • The right culture can help decrease employee turnover & absenteeism.
  • • It can improve recruitment efforts and help attract the best talent.
  • • It can improve employee productivity & efficiency, and thus profitability.
  • • The right organizational culture helps you retain your best people.


Your culture can transform employees into advocates (or critics)!

Why Psyft Organization Culture Survey?

Designed to make an organization a better place to work, Psyft Organisation Culture Survey insightfully measures company’s vibe and employee satisfaction levels with its work environment.

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Organisation Culture Infographic

Psyft Organisation Culture Survey Infographic gives you a quick and crisp snapshot of the survey results - major trends & key indicators. An infographic is the best way to share your results with your people.

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“Your company culture impacts everything - performance, productivity, engagement & employer brand.”