Manager Effectiveness Survey

Understand how your employees feel about their leadership.

ROI of Effective Managers


Effective Managers engage team members and customers better


Effective Managers help retain top performers


Effective Managers help sustain a culture of high productivity

As per a Gallup study, companies fail to choose the right manager for their jobs 82% of the time.

What is Manager Effectiveness Survey?

Manager Effectiveness Survey measures employees’ overall satisfaction with their manager, along with their opinion of their manager’s performance. The survey focuses on core areas of values, behavior, leadership qualities, and effectiveness, and enable leaders to identify manager training and development opportunities.

We cover competencies like Value / Behaviour, Leadership, Communication, Support for development, Skills / Effectiveness / Efficiency and many more.

Why feedback on managers is so important?

  • Employees leave managers, not companies
  • Gathered insights help managers turn into mature leaders.
  • Manager feedback is an intel to power their ongoing development.
  • Ease out Business transformation.

Manager capabilities and behaviors have a big impact on an organization’s ability to succeed.

Why Psyft Manager Effectiveness survey?

Psyft helps you assess the current state of your management effectiveness. The results are consolidated and analyzed to provide precise recommendations that you can use to adapt to bring about change.

Manager Centric Metrics

Our metrics are finalised by professionals which help ensure action-oriented approach and meaningful results.

Manager Scorecards

A balanced scorecard for managers that can be used as a performance metric.

Multilingual Survey

We provide support for over 100 languages, both Indian & foreign languages.

100% Confidential

Our surveys are designed to keep responses completely anonymous, your employees can feel safe & share honest opinions


We can customize the survey questionnaire and reporting format as per client’s requirements.

Objective & Subjective Analysis

Our survey covers both closed ended and narrative questions, to give out a detailed analysis


Manager Score Card

A balanced scorecard for managers that can be used as a performance metric to identify and improve various internal business functions.

Manager Scorecard

Manager capabilities and behavior have a big impact on creating a high-performance organization.

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