Employee Onboarding Survey

A high-performing organization starts with successful employee onboarding.

What is an Employee Onboarding Survey?

Onboarding surveys, also referred to as new hire surveys measure the level of satisfaction among new recruits towards the onboarding process, their overall experience & feedback while they were being recruited.

Benefits of Running an Employee Onboarding survey

Identify gaps in knowledge and training to improve onboarding experience.

Increase Employee Lifetime Value.

Find out how good a cultural fit are the new hires.

Gain Actionable insights at every organizational level.

Set milestones to measure onboarding success.

First Impressions Last!

Employee onboarding surveys are crucial for improving your company’s onboarding process, ensuring higher performance, employee engagement & employee retention.

Why Psyft Employee Onboarding Survey?

We ensure that your new employees are getting up to speed and bringing their best selves to their work


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